O.S. Veljko Dugosevic, Branicevo

Since 1961, the school was named Veljko Dugosevic by the decision of the Municipal Assembly of Golubac, after the national hero and organizer of the uprising in the Branicevo region, and included seven settlements: Branicevo, Ponikva, Vinci, Bikinje, Baric, Donja Krusevica and Suvajic.
In 1968, due to the lack of school space, the efforts of the Municipality, and most of the residents of Branicevo, began providing funds for the construction of a new school. The construction was started in 1980, and today that school has an area of 2,100 m2 and meets all the requirements of the Law on Primary Schools.
Today the school has 35 employees. The educational structure of the school in teaching is as follows: three primary school professors, four primary school teachers, nine subject professors, two subject teachers and a pedagogue. What especially distinguishes our school is the high level of student safety and the optimal number of students in the classes, which enables better and more efficient work and greater commitment of teachers.
Website: http://osbranicevo.co.rs/
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